Mother’s Day

Hello Everyone!  Today I am honoring the Mother’s that mean the most to me in the world! My Mother Connie, My Grandmother’s Hazel and Marilyn and my Sister Kelly. Each one of these women have molded me into the person I am today.  I love them each dearly and want to show everyone how beautiful they are inside and out.

I have been very blessed to have an amazing childhood and adult relationship with my Mother. One of our major ties as adults has been our love of design. She is where I received my eye for design and my passion for creating a home not just having a house.  She also taught me that you can have a beautiful home by shopping locally hitting  resale shops, auctions and local stores to find the perfect piece to turn your space into the room you have always dreamed of! I continue to work with her on projects daily and love sharing everything she has taught me with my clients.  Thank you Mom, I love you!
I wish this was a better picture (on left) of my Grandmother Hazel, Mother of 8!, but this picture explains her perfectly.  She was an amazing godly woman of strength and quiet courage that was a blessing to everyone she met.  Her smile, laugh and folded hands in prayer our greatly missed everyday. I love you Grandma!
My Grandmother Marilyn, Mother of 4, continues to brighten my weeks with handwritten letters and cards!  Living right down the street  as a child allowed us for  weekly visits to hang out. During our visits we would talk through whatever issue was concerning me at the time over yummy treats, or a big bowl of fresh green beans that we would snap while we talked in preparation for dinner. When I was younger I was always excited for our sleepovers at grandma’s house where she would wake me up with the smell of my favorite breakfast, Fried Porkchops in her iron skillet! Thank you Grandma, I love you!
image Lastly my Sister Kelly, Mother of 2.  Sister’s are hard to explain in a short paragraph, how do you sum up the ups and downs from childhood disagreements to the amazing respect and love you share for a person every day? My sister is beautiful, funny, loyal and supportive.  She is who I call just to hear a familiar voice and share the most embarrassing stories with. She is the non-judgmental, yet give it to you straight support you need when you have the days where nothing you do is right.  She is also the amazing Mother of my beautiful niece and nephew and the one that helped me figure out how to raise my beautiful baby girl.   She is the PERFECT sister! I love you sis!

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