We’ve Moved! Blogger to WordPress Come on over

Lots of behind the scenes changes have been happening here at DWYDiM to make things even better for our clients and blog followers. We have officially  moved over to a WordPress theme! Please come check out our new blog format at www.dwydim.com, we would love to hear feedback from you on our post, pictures videos and more.

Starting this summer DWYDiM will be showing even more of the room updates starting from the initial viewing of the room all the way through the process to the big reveal of our redesigned spaces.  We are also launching a new shopping experience for the summer. Stay tuned to our new blog at www.dwydim.com for all of the details!

See you there,

image Houston Interior Designer Karen Nelson is “_bringing beautiful designs into every home._” The interior design services that are offered can be completed online (via skype) or in person within the greater Houston area.  For more information please click  http://dlvr.it/1dqbH1